We create software

rigle™ is a soon-to-be company founded by Franz Nkemaka in 2018. One of our latest project is Spinym™, an anonymous app that lets you ask people things you've never dared before!

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About Us

Before rigle™ was founded in 2018, I (Franz) used to code and publish my projects at MySoft Studio. Here are some words about our projects!


Spinym instantly connects you with the people around you. See what your friends think of you, answer open or anonymous questions and ask others the things you have never dared before.



An advanced Point Of Sale System built in 2018, currently in standby mode. It will be open-sourced soon on GitHub.


MySoft Studio

MySoft Studio used to offer free daily utility software like Video Downloaders, Converters, etc. homemade by Franz Nkemaka. Check it out on GitHub



The next level of UI/UX Design using .Net Windows Forms. Coming soon in 2020!